Types of Dental Implants

When patients are considering replacements for badly damaged or missing teeth, cosmetic dentist Michael Kosdon, DDS typically suggests dental implants as the gold standard for restoring smiles with the highest-quality results. He and his experienced team work together to create individualized treatment plans for each dental implant procedure, whether they are replacing one tooth, several teeth, or accomplishing a full smile makeover. Every implant restoration is custom-designed by Dr. Kosdon and fabricated by his trusted ceramist using advanced technology and quality ceramic materials.

By offering such a wide variety of dental implant types and materials, including metal-free zirconia dental implants, Dr. Kosdon can help ensure that each patient receives the right implant and restoration to create results that are long-lasting, functional, and incredibly natural-looking.

Single Tooth Replacement

Single tooth dental implants are comprised of one implant post and a restoration crown. These types of implants are always used to replace a single missing tooth that is surrounded by two healthy teeth. Each implant crown is carefully customized to pair with the shade, shape, and size of the surrounding teeth, so that it looks, feels, and functions much like a natural tooth.

Replacement of Multiple Teeth

When patients are missing multiple teeth, Dr. Kosdon may suggest a couple of different dental implant options. Each individual tooth can be replaced by a single implant, or, if you are missing a series of teeth, an implant-retained bridge may provide adequate restoration. During your consultation, Dr. Kosdon will explain the kind of implants, restorations, and treatment strategies that can yield optimal results. He will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each choice, and communicate a clear picture of the outcome you can expect.

All-On-4® Implant Dentures

The All-On-4 technique is a popular method of retaining a full-arch denture with four strategically placed dental implants. With All-On-4, two implants are placed toward the front of the jaw and two are placed at the back of the mouth and angled forward. It is especially common for this approach to be considered when a patient has reduced jawbone density and wants to avoid a bone grafting procedure. When All-On-4 is used to replace all of the upper and lower teeth, the procedure is typically referred to as a full mouth restoration. Not all candidates for implant dentures are well-suited for the All-On-4 method, and a consultation with Dr. Kosdon can reveal the customized approach that is best for your needs and goals.

Hybrid Dentures for Full Mouth Replacement

If you are missing all of your upper and/or lower teeth, hybrid dentures that are fixed in place by several dental implants offer a stable, reliable, and natural-looking replacement option that surpasses both implant-supported and traditional dentures. The hybrid dentures that Dr. Kosdon offers are screw-retained, rather than removable, and provide superior functionality and aesthetics.

Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants are made entirely of strong, high-quality ceramic material and do not contain any metal. This aesthetically superior, holistic dental implant option provides several advantages over standard titanium models. The hypoallergenic zirconia dental implant eliminates the possibility of allergies and other biocompatibility issues that can occur with titanium. Additionally, the completely white color of metal-free zirconia implants ensure that no dark discolorations along the gumline or at the base of the crowns can develop. Other advantages of zirconia dental implants include:

To find out if metal-free zirconia dental implants may be right for you, please contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kosdon.

High-Quality Implant Restoration Aesthetics

The superior appearance of Dr. Kosdon’s dental implant results are largely due to the high-quality materials he uses, as well as the skill of his master ceramist. Each implant prosthesis is customized according to your unique dental characteristics and facial appearance to create the most natural look. When you choose hybrid dentures to complete your smile, the arches are made entirely from zirconia, which provides superior strength and beautiful aesthetics. Crown and bridge implant restorations are created from all-ceramic porcelain materials. Each implant restoration is hand-crafted by Dr. Kosdon’s master ceramist with the utmost attention to detail. His work is one-of-a kind, and the results of his artistry help patients’ restored smiles look their absolute best.

Dr. Kosdon Values Quality Dental Implants

At every phase of the dental implants process, Dr. Kosdon is committed to providing quality, individualized care. When you are considering dental implants and researching dentists, we recommend being careful not to choose a practitioner who may rush the process and provide a one-size-fits all solution for your dental needs. While quality care often takes a little more time and may require more of a significant financial investment, the results are typically more reliable, longer-lasting, and more natural-looking. For some patients, “teeth-in-a-day” dental implants advertised by many implant centers and dentists can seem like an appealing option; however, this kind of terminology is designed to merely attract patients and does not honestly portray the process and results one can expect. If you are interested in the highest-quality results that look and function like natural teeth, teeth-in-a-day is probably not the right avenue for you. When you decide on Dr. Kosdon and his team for your dental implant procedure, you can rely on their extensive experience and superior patient care to deliver the results you expect.

If you are interested in dental implants and want to learn more about how Dr. Kosdon can restore your smile, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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