Dr. Michael Kosdon is a renowned cosmetic dentist who has improved the smiles of hundreds of patients, including some of the most recognizable names in the world. With cosmetic dentistry options such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and much more, Dr. Kosdon can give you the smile of your dreams.

Please take a moment to review the patient testimonials from some of the many success stories that have emerged from our Los Angeles and New York City offices, then feel free to contact the office of Dr. Kosdon to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

“As a professional recording artist, entertainer and actor for all of my life, you can imagine my intent on finding the best dental care available. After many years of grinding my teeth in my sleep, I needed serious dental care. I did my due diligence searching for the right dentist for over a year. Dr. Michael Kosdon gave me a great consultation and I knew immediately that we would work together. We discussed in detail everything that needed to be done and what our plans were for a beautiful smile, and also to make sure there were no whistles sounds when I sing. Dr. Kosdon worked hands on, extra hard with his colleague at the lab, to make sure the porcelain caps were what we discussed to match my proportions and size. Dr. Kosdon is extremely professional and has an excellent bed side manner. He is great at pain management and he helped me get over my fear of going to the Dentist. I especially appreciated his pristine offices and his assistant was kind and caring. Lisa is the office manager. She handled my needs with class and worked with me on discussing options for payment plans and insurance reimbursements. Dr. Kosdon is quite an artist at aesthetic cosmetic dentistry and takes great pride in his patient’s smiles. The whole experience was excellent! I can sing with more confidence and now I have a great smile inside and out! Thanks Doc! You Rock!”

cory_face_afterI’m 44 years old and always hated going to the dentist. My wife wanted me to get some work done on my teeth but since I had a bad experience when I was young I refuse to go. I’m SO glad I listen to my wife and went to see Dr. Kosdon. This man changed my whole life!!! I can’t stop smiling and I think that was his whole idea the minute we met. If you need any work please go check him out… Dr. Kosdon has GREAT bed side manners!! You can call him anytime and if he is not there you can always ask for Lisa…From his staff to the location you will feel right at home… Thank you to LISA for all your help you guided me the whole entire way!!!

I came to Dr. Kosdon to have my veneers replaced after experiencing years of dental anxiety. I’d had veneers replaced once already only to have a number of them break or pop off. Dr. Kosdon and his staff educated me on why what they do really works and I’m so glad I chose his practice to transform my smile for hopefully the last time. His office manager Lisa was always receptive to my scheduling needs and his dental assistant Kristen is fantastic. Dr. Kosdon’s practice is thorough and his bedside manner is lovely. I couldn’t have asked for a better dental experience.

Dear Dr. Kosdon,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for helping me achieve something in my life so important and long awaited. Important because now I can smile without feeling embarrassed, and long awaited because I searched long and hard for a dentist in whom I felt a strong sense of trust and confidence. And I was so right. Your work is so beautiful and your commitment to excellence was exactly what I was looking for. Also, I just want to let you know that your warm and personable manner was very calming and reassuring, which meant a lot. I’m very happy and so glad I found you.

Dr. Kosdon is a wonderful dentist! There is nothing that I don’t love about his work. He is smart, caring, attentive and has great staff. I feel very fortunate to have him.

I’ve been going to Dr. Kosdon since 2006. I don’t particularly like going to the dentist and felt very uncomfortable about going since i hadn’t gone in such a long time. After watching all those damn 1800 dentist commercials on TV, I decided, “it’s about time.” I knew that I needed extensive work on my teeth since I am a grinder and totally wore my teeth down to nothing.

After a lot of research, i decided to give Dr. Kosdon a try. I made an appointment and went to his north hollywood office. the facility is very nice and doesn’t make you feel that sense of impending doom. the waiting room looks more like a living room with a mini fridge full of cold beverages while you wait, and the staff is super nice and friendly. Dr. Kosdon is very caring and personable and takes his time to make sure I was comfortable during my treatment. he also personally called me the next day to follow up and make sure i was okay after all my dental work.

As an added luxury, they offer complimentary paraffin wax treatments, facials, and massages while you’re in the chair. nothing I’ve been used to. I was so comfortable that i almost fell asleep the last time I went in for a cleaning. the massaging chairs might have had something to do with that. I also love the hygienist who is very nice and professional and still gives me a bag of dental goodies as if I’m a five year old. If you need just general dentistry or a check up, this is probably not the place. you need to remember that Dr. Kosdon is a COSMETIC dentist. I do still go there for my cleanings and such because I have a mouth full of special needs and feel comfortable with the people who have been treating it. I also like the fact that i can watch my shows while getting a cleaning, and they let me hold the remote. More importantly, I am no longer in pain and have an absolutely beautiful set of chompers that can bite through anything.

Amazing! seriously- not that anyone ENJOYS going to the dentist, but these folks are as good as they get. very informative, super nice, and overly accommodating. love love love!

Only dentist I look forward to…Dr. Kosdon rocks, as does his staff and office. I recently visited another dental office and realized how spoiled I’ve been… .

They have the most friendly staff. They really take their time with you and engage you in meaningful conversation. Truly wonderful place and not your everyday dentist office.

I was very nervous about going to see the dentist, but Dr. Kosdon and his staff were so nice and professional. The minute I stepped into the office, the tranquil environment put my mind at ease. My teeth have never looked so beautiful, and I’m no longer self-conscious about my smile. In 2 short visits, my whole appearance has dramatically improved. I would highly recommend this procedure(porcelain veneers) to anyone who needs it.

Thank You for my smile!

I’ve been going to Dr. Kosdon since May of this year. I did a bunch of research on dentists, and actually read about him in some news story after he did a celebrity’s teeth. He was on my short list after that and when my insurance kicked in at my (then) new job, I gave him a try.

Dr. Kosdon has offices in Beverly Hills and New York. I see him in his BH office. His staff is phenomenal. They talk you through everything and he’s great at explaining what’s going on.

After my first appointment, the doctor determined one of the 2 fillings I have was ready for a replacement. It was an old silver filling and Dr. Kosdon was going to replace it with a porcelain inlay. I’m a big guy, but I’m even bigger of a sissy when it comes to drilling of my teeth. Dr. Kosdon was EXTREMELY sensitive about this and really went above and beyond to numb me up. He kept asking me, “you OK?” to the point he sounded like The Rain Man, but this isn’t a bad thing at all! I liked the fact he kept checking to see if I was feeling pain. I haven’t been to a dentist who cares for his patients like this.

In the end, his work has been outstanding, and his staff is phenomenal. I’ll go to Dr. Kosdon for a long time to come!

Michael is the best dentist I have ever had. He is painless and explains everything as he works, and he does great work. His staff are friendly, he doesn’t keep you waiting in the waiting room, and there are tv’s in all the rooms. I have been using him as my dentist for four years and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else.

Wow – everyone was so genuinely nice! I managed to get a last minute appointment in here before going out of town. Everything was clean and pleasant, and I was put into a room 30 seconds after handing in my paperwork. I hadn’t been to a dentist in two years, but my hygenist, Preet, was understanding, kind, and appropriately ruthless on my teeth (they needed it).

Understanding, compassionate staff, great Dentist, tvs (to watch bad morning tv on), chairs that give a bit of a back massage.. Overall an excellent experience. Highly recommend.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Kosdon today. I’ve gone to several dentists over the years without finding one I liked, so I used Yelp to locate Dr. Kosdon. Although his office is busy (not unexpected given he’s a good dentist), his staff is very accommodating and efficient. I was late for my appointment (traffic) yet they still got me in and out of the office on time. I really liked that Dr. Kosdon didn’t try to sell me unnecessary products/services. He has a tiny camera hooked up to a TV that he uses to show you your teeth – very cool. I’m happy to have finally found a dentist, and I’ve already made an appointment for my husband to visit Dr. Kosdon. I highly recommend this him!

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