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Last week, in a blog post titled, “Important Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Cosmetic Dentist,” we discussed some of the ways Dr. Michael Kosdon recommends for patients to find the right cosmetic dentist. Conducting thorough research is an excellent way to start, but Dr. Kosdon explains that there are a few other important details that should be considered. He feels it is crucial to find a cosmetic dentist who is passionate about what they do. Dr. Kosdon stresses that dentists who care about their work will do a better job with precise cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers or dental implants. He says he believes cosmetic dentistry is an art form, so as an artist, the dentist should be proud of his or her work. Dr. Kosdon feels that being meticulous and detailed, rather than rushing through work, is a characteristic of a good cosmetic dentist. He also notes that being passionate about cosmetic dentistry should also mean caring about patients. Dr. Kosdon says a good cosmetic dentist should be able to communicate effectively, and try to find out what their patients’ wants and needs are. He explains that when he meets with patients, it is important to him to find out what they are looking for, and if he is concerned that a particular treatment will not be beneficial, then he will make a recommendation for something else that might yield a better result. He believes that working closely with his patients is the best way to achieve optimal results that both parties can be proud of.

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