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Do My Front Teeth Need New Fillings or Porcelain Crowns?

When visible front teeth end up with multiple fillings that require replacement, it may be wise to consider custom porcelain crowns that can provide lasting strength, protection, and aesthetic enhancement. There are many benefits that porcelain crowns can offer patients with this type of dental challenge: Porcelain crowns can whiten the appearance of visible teeth with dark metal fillings. Crowns designed by our cosmetic dentist—Dr. Michael Kosdon—are created with shade-matched, stain-resistant ceramic material that blends with your surrounding teeth. High-quality…

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At-Home Dental Care During the COVID-19 Crisis

Typically, professional dental cleanings and exams should be performed at least every six months, but with the current statewide shelter-in-place order, these non-essential services have been put on hold. Although our practice is not open for non-emergency dental appointments during the COVID-19 crisis, we are still focused on helping our patients maintain good oral health at home. Our New York City cosmetic dentist, Michael Kosdon, DDS, always emphasizes that optimal dental health and proper oral hygiene create the foundation of…

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