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Getting porcelain veneers is a personal decision, and everyone has different goals and desires for this popular treatment. For instance, many people simply want to change the appearance of a single tooth. Most often, the ”problematic” tooth in question is one of the upper front teeth, which can be especially vulnerable to chips, discoloration, and other common aesthetic concerns.

If only one of your upper front teeth is bothering you, should you get just one veneer? This is one of the most common questions our dental team is asked, and while the answer can vary based on the patient’s individual goals, we typically advise patients to get at least two veneers in this situation.

While porcelain is a very stable material that is highly resistant to staining and wear, our natural enamel is not as resilient. As we age, our teeth naturally become discolored and darker, whereas porcelain will generally retain its white luster. As a result, the veneer will begin to stand out against the surrounding teeth over time, and you’ll essentially be back where you started.

So what do you do in this situation? We recommend placing a minimum of two veneers to lessen the impact of this change over time. After all, one tooth that does not match the rest of the smile will likely attract more attention than two that do not.

Alternatively, if you have more than one discolored tooth and are looking for a whiter, brighter smile, how many veneers should you get? For these patients, Dr. Kosdon usually recommends placing veneers on the most prominent teeth – i.e., the teeth that are most noticeable when the patient smiles. Patients who only show their upper teeth can often get away with just upper veneers, while those who show both the top and bottom teeth may benefit from a full set of veneers, a strategy frequently incorporated into a comprehensive smile makeover.

When deciding how many veneers to get, the choice ultimately comes down to the aesthetic goals you’re looking to accomplish. Our cosmetic dentist, Michael Kosdon, DDS, is internationally recognized for his work in cosmetic dentistry and his ability to personalize treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kosdon, we welcome you to contact us today!