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Carefree couple on the beachIn our last blog post, we reviewed a case study for a patient who used porcelain veneers to create a more professional look. In this final installment of our 3-part series, we will take a closer look at patients who made drastic changes to their appearances and their personal lives after cosmetic dental work.

I had one patient from Ireland who was missing two of her teeth. She had had braces for many years and her bite was off, which made her chin protrude. After performing a full mouth restoration, I was able to open her bite up a little bit, which enhanced the length of her face. The procedure made her look younger because it reduced the wrinkles and the extra skin around the corners of the mouth. We also brightened her teeth with teeth whitening, which made a huge difference for her.

It is common for this type of dental work to completely transform the patient’s life. One of my first patients felt insecure because of the poor state of her smile. She didn’t wear makeup, she didn’t care what she wore, and she didn’t have the confidence to focus on her own happiness. Once we fixed her teeth, she began taking better care of herself, and in the end she found the confidence to make some important changes to her lifestyle. She is now three years into a new marriage and she is completely happy. The dental work was literally a catalyst that changed her life – and I have so many patients who have returned to my practice to report similar success stories.

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