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hollywood smile

Most movie stars and media personalities with perfect-looking smiles have high-quality porcelain veneers. When designed and applied by an expert cosmetic dentist, veneers can create an amazing smile that lasts for decades with proper care. Porcelain veneers are very versatile and can conceal a wide variety of aesthetic concerns, while achieving dramatic improvements in several aspects of your smile. Veneers can:

One of the greatest advantages of porcelain veneers is the rapid transformation your smile can undergo in as few as two visits. When you choose veneers made from high-quality porcelain materials, they can be long-lasting and stain-resistant, giving you a white, durable smile.

The most important decision you should make when seeking a “Hollywood Smile” makeover is choosing an experienced cosmetic dentist with the skill to conservatively place porcelain veneers made of high-quality materials. We recommend reviewing before and after pictures of porcelain veneer cases that are similar to yours to get a good idea of the potential results you may be able to achieve. Make sure your cosmetic dentist takes the time to answer your questions and creates a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals. And lastly, superior, long-lasting cosmetic dentistry that looks great is typically an investment. We advise against selecting a cosmetic dentist solely based on affordability. If you need financial assistance to achieve the smile of your dreams, you may want to consider financing options or payment plans that suit your budget.

If you are interested in achieving a “Hollywood Smile,” Dr. Michael Kosdon may be able to use porcelain veneers to create the transformation you desire. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.