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Smiling girl in the sunI firmly believe that a winning smile can change your life. Whether we like it or not, our smile is often the first thing others notice about us, which can strongly impact the outcome of situations where initial impressions are vital to success. Whether you are searching for a new job, working in the spotlight, or building new relationships to expand your business, a beautiful smile can be a valuable asset.

Employers in today’s job market are taking into account many more considerations than simply a person’s resume and cover letter. It has become common for employers to run credit checks on potential employees and research their online presence through social media. With that in mind, I believe that a smile can say volumes about a person. When people with nice, clean, healthy smiles come in for an interview, it can make a real difference to a prospective employer.
One’s smile is especially important in a city like New York where so many people work in finance, entertainment, or the fashion industry—industries where people are judged, for better or worse, on their appearance.

A great-looking smile can give you a competitive edge in auditions, photos, interviews, and any face-to-face meeting. For example, two people might come in for an interview with the same exact qualifications. One candidate, who has an attractive smile, is likely to be more confident when they walk in the room and speak with more conviction. The other candidate, who has broken, chipped teeth or dark stains and cavities between the teeth, might be insecure and try to hide their teeth as they talk. This candidate might even be less inclined to smile and exude less confidence. Many times, the person with the confident, self-assured attitude and winning smile can be more likely to get the job.

What can be done to improve my smile?

The appearance of one’s smile can often be fixed in a relatively short period of time with cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or a complete smile makeover. During a consultation, we can discuss which aspects of your smile you would like to improve and develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to achieve your goals. With today’s cosmetic methods, attaining the confident smile you have always wanted can be a smooth and convenient process. If you are interested in learning more about the innovative dental techniques we offer and the before-and after transformations I have achieved for my patients, I encourage you to explore my website further.
Check back soon to read our next installment of this 3-part blog series to learn about one of Dr. Michael Kosdon’s patients who opted for porcelain veneers for a more professional look.

Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on December 5, 2013.

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