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When gum tissue has direct, prolonged contact with whitening gels, it can become irritated. However, it is unlikely that the gums would become seriously damaged from a whitening treatment. To prevent irritation during at-home whitening, Dr. Michael Kosdon creates customized trays that are form-fitted to your teeth, which help ensure that whitening gel exposure is limited to the tooth body and avoids the gumline. Even though the trays are effective for keeping the gums safe, it is important not to overfill them with whitening gel. Carefully place only the recommended amount of gel into the trays to avoid excess gel coming in contact with the gums.

If you decide to undergo Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment at one of our offices, Dr. Kosdon will protect your gumline with a resin-based barrier designed to prevent the whitening solution from interacting with gum tissue. The barrier starts out as a liquid gel substance that is carefully painted into the gums, and is then allowed to cure. This protective layer offers strong defense against contact with the clinical-strength Zoom!® whitening solution. Once the Zoom!® treatment is complete, the barrier is removed from the gums and you can enjoy your whiter, brighter smile.

If you experience gum irritation after teeth whitening, give your gumline time to heal before administering another treatment. Also, brush with a very soft-bristled toothbrush and floss carefully to avoid further discomfort. If you continue to have problems with your gums, we suggest contacting our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kosdon.