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Smiling BrideFor brides and grooms on both U.S. coasts, Michael Kosdon, DDS is the cosmetic dentist of choice for creating wedding day smile perfection. Offering a vast array of custom cosmetic treatments and procedures, Dr. Kosdon is known for his ability to develop individual treatment plans that can enhance the natural beauty of your face and smile. By personalizing treatment for your unique dental needs and smile goals, he is able to maximize the impact of any procedure to bring you results that can exceed your expectations. As an additional bonus, Dr. Kosdon can help your entire wedding party achieve whiter, brighter smiles with special group pricing on cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Planning for a Beautiful Smile
The key to Dr. Kosdon’s successful smile makeovers begins with his comprehensive smile and beauty evaluation process. Using his keen eye for aesthetics, the latest dental imaging technology, and advanced digital photography software, Dr. Kosdon completes a full beauty analysis of your smile features, facial proportions, and overall appearance. Once he has identified key areas for enhancement and taken the time to discuss your concerns and goals, together you and Dr. Kosdon can co-create a wedding day smile plan that suits your needs, priorities, and budget for a stunning outcome you’ll fall in love with.

The Highest-Quality Care
From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening, Dr. Kosdon uses only the highest-quality treatments, technology, and materials to accomplish his smile makeovers, so you can feel confident under his care. Every procedure is performed with utmost attention to your dental health and function, while striving to achieve the most beautiful smile possible.

Popular Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments
One of the most popular pre-wedding treatments for brides and grooms is porcelain veneers, as this option can correct a wide array of smile imperfections with a single procedure. You can beautifully conceal stains, gaps between teeth, and misalignment—as well as lengthen and reshape teeth—to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile design. Best of all, porcelain veneers placed by Dr. Kosdon are natural-looking, long-lasting, and stain resistant, so your smile will remain gorgeous for years to come with proper care.

Teeth whitening treatments are also frequently requested as an effective and economical way to brighten the smile several shades. Whatever your needs and goals are, Dr. Kosdon can help you create a more beautiful smile. He also offers custom porcelain crowns and dental implants if you require more extensive dental work or tooth replacement options.

Schedule Your Wedding Smile Consultation
Do you have your heart set on a beautiful, wedding-ready smile? Contact our practice to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Kosdon. And don’t forget: our practice offers special group rates and incentives for wedding parties!