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Home/Blog / Traditional Dentures vs. All-On-4® and Implant Dentures

Woman smiling in the CityFull-arch dentures secured with dental implants, called implant dentures, offer patients an exciting alternative to traditional removable dentures. Instead of relying on adhesives or suction to hold dentures in position, dental implants are surgically placed and allowed to fuse with the jawbone tissue to provide reliable anchors for specially designed dentures. Each full-arch of replacement teeth can be firmly attached to these four or more dental implants for long-lasting, high-quality results. This solid foundation can deliver maximum stability and security for dentures, which helps improve patients’ ability to speak, chew, laugh, and smile with both confidence and comfort.

Dr. Michael Kosdon and the implant specialists he works together with offer the full range of custom implant denture options. We invite you to visit our sister website to explore a full-length blog and corresponding page dedicated entirely to educating patients about implant denture techniques.

Whether you are curious about All-On-4, a technique which utilizes four dental implants per denture, or a highly customized implant denture treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals, we encourage you to contact our practice and schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate.