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Sedation DentistryThough there are many benefits from sedation dentistry, Dr. Michael Kosdon prioritizes the safety of his patients above all else. For oral conscious sedation, patients take a small pill by mouth an hour before their office visit for a relaxed and virtually pain-free procedure. During treatment, a highly-trained member of our staff monitors the patient’s vital signs to ensure everything is running smoothly. For more advanced sedation techniques, we use a certified anesthesiologist to safely administer the anesthesia.

Regardless of which sedation dentistry technique is used for your procedure, Dr. Kosdon will review your full medical history beforehand to ensure you are an ideal candidate. While there is always some risk involved with anesthesia or oral medication, Dr. Kosdon and his team are experienced with these sedation dentistry techniques and closely follow the guidelines of both the FDA and the American Dental Association. In addition, the medication used for oral conscious sedation is non-habit forming and typically causes little to no side effects. Most patients simply feel drowsy in the hours following the procedure and will need someone to take them back home after treatment.

Some patients who are obese or suffer from sleep apnea may not be best-suited for a technique such as anesthesia, while older patients or patients with health complications will need their doses of oral conscious sedation monitored. For these reasons, it is important to be extremely open and honest with Dr. Kosdon about your medical history during your consultation. Afterward, Dr. Kosdon can recommend which sedation dentistry technique he believes will be the safest and most effective for your individual case.

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